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The only way to stop your dollar from falling is to sell it. 

Employee’s Research Team 

Rush to Preserve Wealth--- Is it?

                Rush for Return-------or

                Calmly preserve Wealth ?

Points to Consider:

*  Is Volatility - a friend or foe?

*  Analogy of a  sailboat race & anchor

* How to Dig with a sharp shovel

*  Look before your leap

*  Knowledge is power


It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon on the Bay with a gathering wind.  Perfect for the yearly sailboat race. Handful of the entries from novice to experienced and of course the perennial winner and local favorite Capt. Jack. The race begins with a flurry of activity, as the boats jockey for position. Seemingly oblivious to the scramble Capt. Jack is well behind the pack as if he were out for an afternoon voyage. All boats round the first buoy and are resetting sails. Half way through the stretch Capt. Jack begins gaining on the pack, speeding along as if he had engaged an engine. One by one he begins passing his competitors.  Everyone is amazed at the swiftness of his boat. Sometime later Capt. Jack crossed the finish line well ahead of the pack.


How did he win? Knowledge. You see Capt. Jack knew that the tide would change at a specific time. 

He simply lowered his anchor just as the tide changed. It appeared that he was passing all boats as if by magic when in fact he was held fast by his anchor while his competitors were being swept back by the tide.


Our wealth floats on the bay of the dollar and the tide is against us. It may appear that you are making a return when in fact you are losing ground. With education and knowledge you can anchor the current value of your wealth through gold & silver.


Paradoxically, it may appear that gold & silver are rising in value. This is merely an illusion, in fact it is the US dollar that is losing value and it shows up in higher commodity prices like gold & silver.  Properly viewed, it takes more and more dollars to buy the same ounce of Gold.


With the price of Gold so high now, shouldn’t I wait to BUY?


 Why should I be buying Gold?

Gold is an insurance policy against Dollar Weakness.  The moment you exchange Dollars for Gold, you have anchored the purchasing power of those Dollars against further Dollar Weakness.  Do you feel the Fed will stop Excessive Money Printing?


Tom:  How is buying Gold an insurance policy against Dollar Weakness?

Billy:  In 1900, a $20 Gold Coin and $20 bill bought the same amount of goods.  Today, the same $20 Gold Coin purchases $1,700 in goods.  Has Gold gone up in price or has the Dollar Fallen?

Tom :  I’ve been told that the price of Gold is too high to buy.

Billy:  Well, you may consider changing your perspective.  Remember, the $20 Gold Coin of 1900 could be exchanged for a $20 Bill.  Today it takes $1,700 to exchange into that same $20 Gold Coin.  Gold hasn’t changed, it just takes thousands more dollars to buy the same amount of Gold today.  So has Gold risen or has the Dollar Fallen?


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