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Diamond values can vary depending upon clarity, cut and size. Generally round diamonds have the highest value. A 1 carat diamond consist of 100″points”. The larger the diamond the more we will pay per point. Diamonds that are under 16 points are what is called “melee” diamonds, which are bought and sold in lots, as opposed to grading the individual diamond. So if you have a half carat diamond you would get more money as opposed to 5 diamonds totaling one half carat. Come into one of our locations for a free evaluation on your diamonds.

Expert Valuations

With our knowledge of the changing diamond, gold, silver and platinum markets, we are equipped to advise you on whether or not now is the time to invest or to sell, and we can give you a fair market-value price for your diamonds and diamond jewelry. Bring in your jewelry and receive an educated estimate on the value of your items.

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  • Raw Diamonds

We build a relationship with our customers. We want to provide council for all of your precious metal investing needs and concerns.

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